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Spa Covers

We custom build spa covers from our master templates using state-of-the-art technology for an exact fit.

The colors shown here are intended as approximate recreations and may not be displayed accurately on your monitor.

For indoor spas & warm weather climates, i.e. Southern U.S. & West Coast.

Increased strength & insulation. Recommended for colder climates, i.e. Northern U.S. & Central Plains.

Heavy-duty, snow-load, stand-on, best for colder climates.

The Drain and Dry System is a specially designed underside material that captures rising steam and allows it to drain back into the spa - helping to prevent the cover from getting waterlogged and heavy.

Double wrap 4 mil. vapor barriers doubles the protection against water absorption.

Adds an additional 12 to 18 months of usable life to cover.

A continuous hinge seal is an insulating "pillow" that fills the hinge area between the two spa cover sections. It reduces heating costs by sealing the hinge and eliminating heat loss.

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