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Panorama Cabana made its' first spa cover for dealers in 1979. Our dealers are the reason we are still the Leader in Quality, Fit, and Innovation.

As a Panorama dealer, you'll have access to our complete database of virtually every spa brand / shape / size / model produced since 1979. Ordering online is fast and easy, simply choose the Brand and Model. We'll know the size, shape, location of straps, skirt size, hinge direction and details of every model.

We custom build spa covers from our master templates using state-of-the-art technology for an exact fit. We make stereo spa covers (Catalina, Dynasty, Superior, etc.) raised panel spa covers (Baja, etc.) unusual shapes (Hot Springs, Dimension One, Image, Sundance, etc.) and swim spa covers (Kidney, Oval, Soak & Swim, etc.).

Spa brands using cover lift devices that bolt onto the cover (Hot Spring, Tiger River, Caldera, etc.) may be ordered with internal reattachment brackets in place for easy remount. Every order is confirmed via email with an exact specifications diagram to insure it is correct.

Our spa covers are ASTM F345-97 approved safe. Options include "Double Wrap" foam cores of tapered virgin polystyrene. Add Panorama's "Drain & Dry" Underside and "Continuous Hinge Seal" for the highest R value. The 624 model is a stand on / walk on / cold weather cover that helps you compete for any cover sale.

We've had decades of experience helping Dealers sell spa covers in an ever changing market. The future looks bright. Please contact us. We can help.

Please use the form below to contact us about becoming a Spa Cover Dealer or call 816-921-3230, Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

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